Yolande Duchateau, "Treasures of Migration", 2016

Yolande Duchateau, "Treasures of Migration", 2016

Necklace made of leather and embroidery thread.

"Seeds and seed pods are used as a metaphor for a positive message on migration. When people migrate, whether it is under pressure due to difficult conditions in their homeland or simply because they are seeking happiness or better opportunities, they often end up in a completely unknown - and sometimes hostile - environment. Like seeds, they must root again in new ground.
In the jewelry of "treasures of migration" I try to empathize in the states of mind which are the result of travelling, landing, grounding, integrating, growing, thriving and flourishing. I also lean over
the process of the various forms of integration ranging from seeking safety within the ethnic subculture to a successful integration with the new environment. Without closing my eyes to the possible issues of migration, I choose consciously to bring positive images which reflect mutual efforts to get to know each other, understanding, respecting, supporting and the richness acquired by mutual sharing within different cultures."