Kalliopi Andrikopoulou, "Story Teller", 2016

Kalliopi Andrikopoulou, "Story Teller", 2016

Object. Size : 16cm long/diameter 4cm.

Up-cycled carton rolls, paper, metal pin, Chios mastic gum, cotton thread.

"I have travelled around the world twice by the time I was five years old. I have travelled the world a hundred times through the stories of my family, all engaged in sea professions for three generations. I formed my character during a 14 month long trip on a cargo ship and I feel like a captain on shore, always trying to find my course on a map."

Story Teller consists of a booklet for you to read and use to assemble your own Story Teller brooch. You can use the container as a small bag to carry your maps.